Business Growth Services

Are you in need of cost effective financial guidance?

Business growth and development is all about you and your business. The various specialist skills outlined below combine together to provide a service to you, our clients, both personally and profitably, from your business. 

Strategic Planning 

A strategic plan provides the answer to the question "Where am I now and where am I going?” It is designed to help you direct the business in such a way as to derive the most satisfaction from it. This is not always to maximise profit, although this is certainly a key element, but may involve lifestyle changes, the elimination of stress and possibly succession issues. Above all it is designed to put you in control of the business. It should be a blueprint for success. 

Business Planning 

Having decided what you want to do with your business it is then necessary to translate ideas into action. The business plan is the 11 working drawing" that enables you to do this, and covers all the key elements in the operation of the business. As well as financial forecasts these will include marketing and delivery plans, organisation charts, management structures and identification of your greatest asset, the people. 

Financial Forecasting

Our clients consider this as one of the traditional areas where they look to us for help. Over the years we have built up a whole range of financial models that enable us to assist with forecasting not only profit and loss accounts and balance sheets but also the cash‑flow requirements of the business. This works through into negotiating the best type of finance for the business, whether this is in the form of a loan or overdraft through to asset finance and invoice discounting. Without these forecasts, and having the proper funding structures in place, most businesses will find that they run out of cash, even though they may be profitable. 


Business Advice

During the life of your business you may encounter unexpected difficulties such as the loss of contracts, bad debts, personnel problems or even a recession. These may arise as the result of success, requiring another look at your whole management structure. We have partners and team members who have experience of these problems, and associates who can be called to provide additional specialist advice. 

Added Value Advice 

We firmly believe that being an owner‑managed business ourselves puts us in the best position to advise others. We have a series of programmes that help you develop both your business and profitability, and specialists to run these with you. We have invested heavily in training our team in disciplines outside the normal scope of the accountancy profession.

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